Friday, June 27, 2008

Is SEO Dead?

When I first started writing, I wrote a gazillion articles about mortgage and real estate topics. They were 500 word deals, with 3% keyword density. Pure torture... and all for $2 each!

So you can see why I'm not a huge fan of keyword-dense articles. It's kind of like when you get some bad Cashew Chicken, and it takes a few years before you're up for trying it again.

The absolute worst was when I had an international client who wanted 5% density! And he had the whole "longtail keywords" thing down pat. Just imagine trying to fit a five- or six-word phrase smoothly into your text five times for every 100 words!

Most of my clients now, though, have come to their senses. They're after articles that read well to humans. No stuffing. No verbal gymnastics required to get these keywords in. Some want their keywords in the title, and sprinkled throughout... but only where they fit naturally.

Thank goodness! A trend that makes sense!

Do you do much keyword density writing? Any tricks or tips you'd like to share? Or, are your clients easing off that horrible trend?

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