Thursday, June 19, 2008

The elusive writing retreat

It's every writer's secret dream, right?

Uninterrupted days and nights of writing, writing, writing. Then eat a great meal with some friends - maybe a glass of wine, or a frozen drink - then back to writing. Write until you drop. Wake up whenever, and start it all again.

A writing retreat.

Last time I did one, I pretty much completed my first book. And now it's time to do it again. It's coming up soon - and I can't wait.

Trouble is, I'm still debating where to go!! (Canada? Minnesota? Michigan's UP? Wisconsin?)

And which book to do next. (Too many outlines started to even list!)

And whether to go alone or with other writers.

Or what about just staying home to do it this time? (The kids will be away. Hubby's all for this idea.) Will it be too much like one of those "stay at home" vacations we took years ago? (Very lame.) Or will it work?

This indecisiveness is totally unlike me - and that's probably the most troubling fly in the ointment. I'm usually more impulsive than this - if it's a great idea, I recognize it immediately, jump in, and make it work. But my wheels have been spinning in the mud on this question for weeks - maybe months.

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Teresa said...

Hey Sue,
Minnesota is nice this time of year!! Come on up- you probably won't even notice our humidity levels!! Bring a shotgun for the mosquitoes though!!

Seriously, a writer's retreat sounds fun, but close to home sounds better to my bank account!!