Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Talk about a penny for your thoughts! New on PPP

Well, actually, potentially much more than a penny! So I wanted to be sure you knew about this site that's another excellent way you can get paid to write.

PayPerPost (PPP)is cool because it offers lots of different topics you can blog on. Usually, you're reviewing someone's site, ebook, or just putting your two cents in.

I first heard about PPP from a friend who's in internet marketing. Steve has used it a lot when he's launched new products, or if he just needed to beef up his site traffic. At the time, I didn't have a blog of my own (at least not one I was doing much with!), so I kind of tucked the info away for the future.

Now, I'm definitely a newbie to PPP, but already I can see this will be somewhere I include on my daily rounds around the internet. There are social components, opportunities in every field under the sun, and you can get kind of a sneak peek at what's new out there on the web... and get paid to give your opinion!

Can you really make money with this? I'm guessing you make more as your blog traffic increases - but even until then, it's definitely a nice addition. So, what will I do with all my extra moolah from PPP opps? Probably buy a tank of gas!

Just visit payperpost
for more info.

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Teresa said...

Sue, Thank you! We can always count on your generosity in sharing wonderful ideas and sites that you find. You are a shining example of a compassionate Samurai. (P.S. post about the book!)