Friday, June 13, 2008

Scraps and leftovers

Does your brain work like this, too?

You get a great idea... then another... and another... and another. Once you turn on the idea faucet it just won't stop. Drip, drip, drip - a thousand fantastic ideas - pure inspiration!

The only problem is that you've got a word count to worry about. And if you don't stop with all these excellent ideas, you'll never finish.

"But they're too great to just let go of them!" your creative little heart cries.

Don't let go! Just save them for later. Like one of those great soups my grandmother used to make, after saving who knows what in her freezer for who knows how long, let those ideas rest for a while. Put them in an idea file for later.

You may get to use them for the same client, if you get an order for more articles on that same topic. Or, you may land another gig on that topic down the road. Or, you might decide to write an article on your own and post it to a directory and make money writing on your own!

This way, no good idea goes to waste!

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