Monday, June 16, 2008

Finally!! XSite Pro Version 2 Is HERE!

Confession: I'm a total non-techie (my husband actually took my suggestion and paid a college kid $10 to teach him how to sync his iPod). In fact, when I first paid a coach to help me learn about internet marketing, I was probably only one step beyond knowing how to right-click.

But I knew it was really, really important to know how to build my own sites, so I was pretty motivated.

Why's it so important? Two major reasons:
1. Control. I've had sites built by pros before, and yes, they're gorgeous. BUT, if I want to change anything, I've got to ask. Then I feel like, "Am I supposed to pay for every little change? Or is that included?" We never really discussed it. But that awkwardness is enough to make me understand how nice it is to be able to make my own changes - anytime, day or night.
2. The price. The sites I had built for me, I got at a "good friend" discount. But they were still expensive. Really expensive. And if you're getting into internet marketing, you're going to eventually need a bunch of sites. Multiply that out, and you'll see why it's so great to be able to build your own.

Oh, and a third great reason for learning how to do this... it's another skill your clients may want. I've had several who needed their text in html - and XSite Pro lets you create text "normally" and send it all coded up. I've built a number of little sites for clients who didn't need anything really fancy. You can take a peek at a couple if you want:

Anyway, I used the original XSite Pro for those (and of course for my own little site: And it was easy as could be. Of course, I'm good about running through the tutorial first, and that helped.

But the new and improved version has me salivating!

Don't get me started on all the bells and whistles - it'll take forever and you'll get tired of reading. Just trust me on this: if you're looking for a way to ultimately create some other streams of income from your writing, information marketing and affiliate marketing are an excellent plan. You're going to need a site building software thingy... and this one's phenomenal.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

This new version goes on sale TOMORROW!!! (6/17/08) AT NOON EDT.

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